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Perotte Walls

I first started out as an apprentice to a New York Advertising photographer while still in my teens. Thrown in at the deep end on big budget advertising shoots at such a tender age certainly was a challenge. I eventually left for University where I attended the renowned art school ‘The School of Visual Arts’ also in NYC. Upon leaving SVA, I set off back to my birthplace London, England to pursue my career as a photographer. It was a lot different back then as the digital age hadn't yet started. We used film and polaroids, in fact I started off my career shooting with a 10x8 view camera totally bypassing SLRs.

After almost twenty years in London, I took a break from advertising and went back to the States where I again attended University, earning three individual degrees including a Masters in Design Education.

I now reside on the beautiful Island of Jersey where I base my commercial photography business. I am fortunate to work with amazing clients here in Jersey who afford me a lot of creative control. I also continue to shoot in London.

I exhibited my personal work throughout Europe and the US including shows in Berlin, Spain, and London. I was the recipient of no fewer than two dozen awards and mentions at the British Association of Photographer Awards (AoP), The Royal Photographic Society, The International Photography Awards, The National Geographic Awards and the London Photographic Awards. My client list included major brands such as Coca Cola, American Express, Microsoft, Marks & Spencer, Sainsburys, Hewlett Packard, Lufthansa Airlines, Southern Comfort, film posters for ‘Mr. Bean’ and ‘The Borrowers’. - and most recently Carte D'or and Walls Ice Cream for Unilever.